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Build The Perfect Wish List

Build The Perfect Wish List

Posted by Golf4Her on Oct 31st 2022

Start building and sharing your own birthday, holiday or just-because list. There is no limit to the number of wish lists you can create. Some ways customers are currently using the Wish List feature:
  • Birthday Wish List
  • Holiday Wish List
  • To: Mom From: Kid Wish List
  • To: Wife From: Husband Wish List
  • Golf League Gift Ideas
  • Team Uniform Ideas

Copy the entire URL in the grey box. You will have to put your cursor in front of the grey box and copy all of the text to the far right. Then go ahead and share this link with your family and friends via email, text or even social media. Wish Lists never expire. A product will stay included in a wish list as long as that product is visible in the store.

It’s smart to start your wish list early for two reasons. First, it gives you time to put quality items on your list instead of filling it up with ideas off the top of your head. Second, it gives your family more time to shop, which is especially important if they like to start early to take advantage fo holiday deals.

Voila, that's it! Have fun building your wish list. If you need any help with your Wish List, let us know.

xo, Golf4Her