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Start building and sharing your own birthday, holiday or just-because list. There is no limit to the number of wish lists you can create. Some ways customers are currently using the Wish List feature:

  • Birthday Wish List
  • Holiday Wish List
  • To: Mom From: Kid Wish List
  • To: Wife From: Husband Wish List
  • Golf League Gift Ideas
  • Team Uniform Ideas

Create Your Wish List

To create a Wish List you must first log into your account. Click the Log In/Register link located in the top left menu of our store.

1: Once signed in, click MyAccount in the upper left hand corner of the website (if you have not already been directed to your profile page):

2: Click the Wish Lists link, then click the New Wish List button.

3: Enter a Name for the wish list. If you would like to share their wish list with a link, check Share Wish List? This will create a link that you will be able to share when you are ready. Then, click Create Wish List to save your wish list.


Add Products to Your Wish List

1: To add products to your wish lists, start by navigating to any individual product page. While on an individual product page, click the grey Add to Wish List button.

2: Select which wish list to add the product to then click Add to Wish List. You can Create a New Wish List from the product page. If you are not logged in, you will still see the Add to Wish List button on the product page, but will be taken to the Sign In or Create an Account page if you attempt to add an item to a wish list without signing in.


Manage Your Wish Lists

To manage existing wish Lists, begin by going to My Account, then click Wish Lists in the Manage Your Account menu. The wish lists you have created will be shown on the page. Click the Wish List’s name to view your items or the purple SHARE button to share your list.


Share Your Wish List

Copy the entire URL in the grey box. You will have to put your cursor in front of the https:// and copy all of the text to the far right.

Then, share this link with your family and friends via email, text or even social media. Wish Lists never expire. A product will stay included in a wish list as long as that product is visible in the store.

Voila, that's it! Have fun building your wish list. If you need any help with your Wish List, let us know.