Tin Cup Lone Star
Tin Cup Lone Star

Tin Cup

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The Tin Cup Personal Imprinting System is a revolutionary new technique for golfers to mark/imprint their golf ball. The system allows a golfer to create a personalized ball marker using the design of their choice. Get the kids involved. Give them a bunch of balls and have them color in the design of your choice! Made 100% in the USA.

Features, Fit & Fabric

  • Stainless steel ballmarker
  • 2 1/4" diameter
  • Complies with USGA Rule 12-2: Identifying Ball
  • Great tournament gift

How To Use:
  1. Use a permanent ink fine point or ultra fine point pen
  2. Place a golf ball under the Tin Cup
  3. Trace or color the logo with the pen (color of your choice)
  4. Let the area dry a few minutes before use
  5. Ultra Fine Permanent Ink Pen - The Tin Cup Personal Imprinting System works best with Ultra Fine Permanent Ink Pens like a Sharpie. The Ultra Fine is ideal for the lettering/initials or small areas of the logo and provide a precisely narrowed tip, which glides with increased control and accuracy on most surfaces. The water-resistant ink encourages multiple project uses. Quick drying, nontoxic ink ensures an error-free writing performance.

USGA Rules 12-2: Identifying Ball

The responsibility for playing the proper ball rests with the player. Each player should put an identification mark on his ball. If a player has reason to believe a ball at rest is his and it is necessary to lift the ball in order to identify it, he may lift the ball, without penalty, in order to do so.

Before lifting the ball, the player must announce his intention to his opponent in match play or his marker or a fellow-competitor in stroke play and mark the position of the ball. He may then lift the ball and identify it, provided that he gives his opponent, marker or fellow-competitor an opportunity to observe the lifting and replacement. The ball must not be cleaned beyond the extent necessary for identification when lifted under Rule 12-2.

If the ball is the player's ball and he fails to comply with all or any part of this procedure, or he lifts his ball in order to identify it when not necessary to do so, he incurs a penalty of one stroke.

If the lifted ball is the player's ball, he must replace it. If he fails to do so, he incurs the general penalty for a breach of Rule 12-2, but there is no additional penalty under this Rule.

Note: If the original lie of a ball to be placed or replaced has been altered, see Rule 20-3b.

*Penalty for Breach of Rule 12-2: Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.

*If a player incurs the general penalty for a breach of Rule 12-2, there is no additional penalty under this Rule.

SOURCE: Rules of Golf, USGA

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