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Molhimawk ('Mol-ee-MOCK') Golf Bags
In 2009, two Northern California golfers were hanging out in the grill after a round of golf at Olympic Club in San Francisco talking about careers. Both not excited about the direction of the golf apparel industry combined with their mutual love for the game of golf, they decided to start their own brand - a NorCal Golf-Meets-Surf brand centered around fashion-forward golf bags. After a rocky first year struggling to find a name that was both agreeable and trademark-able, they decided on a word that embodies not only their argyle albatross logo, but the joie de vivre of the brand.

Molhimawk ('Mol-ee-MOCK') means albatross in the New Zealand language of Maori and represents not only a double eagle in golf (scoring 2 on a par 5), but it bridges the gap between the timeless argyle pattern and the bright new pinks, blues, greens, purples, and yellows of today. This concept of bridging the gap between old and new is the nucleus of the Molhimawk culture. Made for the dapper golfer preserving the integrity of classic patterns, without sacrificing flare.

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