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DIXON Golf-Fire Golf Balls (Dozen)
DIXON Golf-Fire Golf Balls (Dozen)

Price: $84.00

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Dixon golf has made a monumental impact in the golf industry by introducing the world's first 100% eco-friendly golf ball. The Dixon Earth has led the golf world into the concept of "green," but Dixon Golf is not just introducing "green" products into the industry, Dixon Golf is minimizing its own carbon footprint and ecological impact through a number of initiatives.

Dixon Golf's manufacturing facility meets the highest standards of ecological concern. It is lit by LED lights, its energy comes in large part from solar panels, it has better air quality and lower VOC's compared to manufacturing facilities of its kind, and recycles its water.

Dixon Golf made the decision at its inception that it would avoid all unnecessary mailings. Dixon Golf invoices exclusively through electronic mail, has never sent a paper statement, and stores the vast majority of its essential documents electronically. This not only reduces paper waste, but every letter not sent through a courier reduces vehicle emissions that would have released more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Dixon Golf also encourages its employees to carpool or use public transportation to further reduce the carbon emissions attributable to Dixon Golf. In fact, the coorporate headquarters for Dixon Golf is located at the headquarters of a light rail mass transit system.

The efforts of Dixon Golf to save the earth go beyond just the environment. Dixon Golf also donates ten percent of all its profits to charities that help feed the poor, rebuild after natural disasters, educate the illiterate, and perform other worthy efforts to help the world.

Dixon Golf has set the standard of ecological and sociological concern, and will continue to be the golf company that leads the industry in its fight to save the earth.
Features, Fit & Fabric
The Fire is Dixon Golf's version of a tour caliber ball. It has a softer feel for improved control amongst other features. You are correct, the price of Dixon Fire is steep and is the most expensive golf ball on the market. This ball is not for everyone. Dixon developed this ball for the golfer that demands the absolute best in performance.That is why they have two other offerings available at lower price points: The Earth and Wind.

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