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Coates Golf was created with the intent to develop a line of golf clubs for women where performance, rather than forgiveness, was the focus. By creating a spectrum of options specifically engineered for the female swing, women can truly customize a set off clubs to fi their game at any level. Coates is an emotional brand, dedicated to empowering women in the sport and encouraging them to expect more. The Coates brand is anchored by an antelope for this simple reason that female antelope, like male, grow horns. More than just an elegant icon, the symbol represents how Coates believes women should be promoted in golf with athletic equality. Same game, same respect.

We offer a risk-free trial program for individuals who are interested in trying out what Coates Golf is all about. Try any one of the pre-selected Coates Golf clubs and experience the difference. Click here to learn more.

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Coates Golf Oryx Cavity Back Iron Set (4-PW) Coates Golf Antelope Cart Bag Coates Golf Women's Eland Driver
7 Piece Irons Set (4-PW)
Coates Golf
Coates Golf 10° & 12° Loft
Coates Golf
Coates Golf Women's Eland Fairway Woods Coates Golf Women's  Nyala Hybrid Coates Golf Springbok Wedge
15° & 18° Loft
Coates Golf
21° & 24° Loft
Coates Golf
Coates Golf

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What makes Coates Golf different?
Coates equipment is specifically designed for female golfers. Rather than only offering women one shaft length, flex, or swing weight, Coates has created a spectrum of performance-based clubs that women can choose from based on their needs in the game. Coates knows that not all women are the same.

Why are Coates clubs more expensive?
Coates equipment is made with the highest quality materials and are designed to last. They are not your throw-away beginner set of clubs. Each club has been specifically trimmed, weighted, and assembled to achieve a balanced set from Driver to Wedge.

Is Coates Golf for every female golfer?
Yes. Because Coates offers a variety of shaft length, weight, and flex; any customer can find Coates equipment that fits her regardless of whether she is a beginner or a scratch golfer. Coates encourages women to start with a quality set of clubs that can grow with them, rather than a ‘beginner’ set that they will outgrow.

How do I know what specs are correct for each customer?
Our staff is trained to assist you to find the perfect fitting clubs.

Can I customize Coates equipment?
Yes. The lies and lofts of the Coates irons and wedges can be adjusted 3 degrees in any direction. We discourage shaft trimming, as their equipment is specially assembled to be balanced at precise swing weights and shaft flexes.

Can Coates clubs be used in tournament play?
Yes. All Coates equipment has been approved by the USGA as conforming.

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