Golf4Her Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is designed to introduce and spread the love of all things golf, while allowing true Golf4Her ambassadors to earn credit towards products available on the Golf4Her website. You may never have to spend another penny on golf clothes again!

Mallory Blackwelder

How does does it work?

Ambassadors have three easy ways to earn credit towards merchandise:

  1. Coupons
    Redeemed coupon will earn the Ambassador $2.00 in rewards credit.
 Each Ambassador will be given 250 personalized coupons, which they will in turn give to their friends and family. The coupons will entitle them to free ground shipping on anything purchased at

  2. Ambassador Code (URL link)
    Sale generated from a personalized link will earn the Ambassador 5% of that sale in rewards credit. Each Ambassador will receive a custom Ambassador code that can be added to all URL's and embedded into online media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, a website or blog.

  3. Friends & Family Email
    Ambassadors will receive a custom Email that they can forward to family and friends that contains their custom link embedded into the email. Direct friends and family to click on your marketing links (text link, banner ads or buttons) to initiate sales at Sale generated from a personalized link will earn the Ambassador 5% of that sale in rewards credit. 

    All commissions earned will be issued as Golf4Her store credit (rewards credit) and deposited into the Ambassador Account the month after the sale is processed. Rewards will be issued once balance is $50. Store credit cannot be redeemed for cash and is are non-transferable.

Welcome Kit

Shorty after being approved, you will receive the Ambassador Welcome Kit, which includes:

  • 250 personalized coupons. One coupon per purchase per day is allowed. (Replenished bi-annual. Sales must be over $1,000)
  • Custom Ambassador Tracking Code
  • Personalized Email with custom URL (updated quarterly)

Tips for Social Media:

Utilize your social media accounts to encourage your friends and family to purchase items at We use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Polyvore, and a few others. All you have to do is add your Ambassador code to the end of any Golf4Her URL (
  • Share information on new products when they are introduced.
  • Share Current Promotions by posting a text link to the website, category or product page.
  • Create a Golf4Her Pinterest board and pin your favorite items from to it. Be sure to edit the link you use with your unique Ambassador code. (&click=123)

Do you have a Website or Blog?
Write a product review that can be posted on your web site or blog. Embed your unique Ambassador tracking code into the text of your article. Ad one of our banner ads to your blog or on your website. Each banner ad contains your unique tracking code.

Who is eligible to be a G4 Ambassador?
Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and has purchased from in the last 6 months.

Golf4Her 'G4 Ambassador' Program - Online Application

Do you want to become a Golf4Her Ambassador? Do you embody the Golf4Her lifestyle? Submitting this Online Application is the quickest, easiest way to register your interest in this exciting program. Please complete all fields and, after submission, our Marketing Manager will be in touch with you.

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Rounds of golf you play each year:
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Briefly tell us why want to become a Golf4Her Ambassador:

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Golf4Her Ambassador. We will be in touch very soon!

Need further assistance?
Email us at Someone in our Marketing Department will get back to you within 24 hours (during regular business hours).